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hpm_stillness's Journal

Harry Potter Model Stillness
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Hello and welcome to the Harry Potter Models Stillness Community. This is an icontest community for the models of Harry Potter.

What are the "models of Harry Potter", you ask? Well, thanks to _____faith and her manips, a phenomenon swept the livejournal community in the use of models for the characters in Harry Potter. The most known used models for these, undoubtedly, is Boyd Holbrook as Draco Malfoy and Cintia Dicker as Ginny Weasley. Using models instead of the actors is a great way to have icons and whatnot for lesser known characters, or characters that don't have a lot of screen time in the movies, or none at all.

Now, onto the rules and whatnot...

♥ A new challenge will be set on either a Sunday or Monday, and you will have until Friday 8.00pm AEST (Australian time) of that week to get your submission in
♥ Voting should be up on the same night that submissions end. Voting will close Sunday 8.00pm AEST
♥ Do not post your icon anywhere until voting has ended
♥ Do not vote for yourself or get your friends to vote for you - this is unfair to the other contestants.
♥ Please note that some different pairings may come up - if you don't like the pairing, please no bashing or flaming any of the other contestants

How to submit...

♥ Comment on the challenge entry with the following template

The icon itself
The URL (for example http://myimage.com)
Banner if placed, yes or no

♥ All entries will be screened

The challenges...

♥ The challenges can change from week to week - sometimes it may be an image (or two), sometimes a theme, a character or a pairing. To get some variety, I may add a poll to see what you guys would like each week
♥ Icons are to be the standard LJ 100x100, no bigger than 40kb. Oh, and no animations unless the particular challenge allows it.
♥ To allow "artists freedom", you don't necessarily have to use a particular model for a particular character if you feel that the model suits another character, and vice versa. For example, most people use Cintia Dicker as Ginny, but you are quite welcome to use her for Lily Potter.
♥ If there aren't enough submissions for a challenge, it may have to be extended.

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