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naughtyhermione [userpic]
Challenge 1
by naughtyhermione (naughtyhermione)
at November 5th, 2006 (12:46 pm)

Challenge 1

For the first challenge, we're starting off with a classic photo under the cut.

Cintia Dicker and Boyd Holbrook

♥ No animation allowed
♥ The icon can have both models in it, or one.
♥ No outside images (but gradients and stock photos are an exception)
♥ Icons are to be the standard LJ sizes - 100x100, no bigger than 40kb
♥ Do not post your icon until the voting has finished
♥ Icons are due this Friday at 8.00pm, Australian Eastern Standard Time
♥ Voting will commence shortly afterwards
♥ Have fun, my darlings!